Required Information

  • Followers: Link to profile or just username

  • Likes and Views: Post link

    • To get post link: Open the post, click on the Share button and select the "Copy link" option


  • Followers: 100 minimum per profile

  • Likes and Views: 100 likes and 500 views minimum per post

Delivery Speed

  • Followers: Medium (3000 would take a few days)

  • Likes and Views: Fast

Start Time

  • Followers: A few hours

  • Likes and Views: Usually within 0-15 minutes

Other Information

  • Tiktok followers make your profile seem more popular. Additionally, in some cases they increase your visibility in search results. This makes it more likely for people to follow you.

  • Likes and views will boost your post in search results. This means that your post has a lot higher potential to appear in the top search results for whatever hashtags you included.

  • Note that the followers likes and views added by this service are not actual people. They help you gain actual people.